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Over vast experience in the IT sector has helped Sun Microweb LLC understand exactly how technology can help every businesses meet their needs. We can provide full life-cycle solutions starting from requirement analysis to maintenance. We have unrivalled software design and development services.

We provide a broad range of software development services including application and systems level programming on leading technologies.

Sun Microweb LLC - Sales CRM

So How to manage & nurture your sales leads to get positive outcome? We at Sun Microweb LLC know how hard it could be to handle your sales efficiency and team effective? So we have such an online/offline application which works on every platform ( mobile, ipad’s, tablets, pc’s), whenever wherever however and gives possible outcome with expectations. We make it work as: Our CRM – API – Closed loop reporting & Monitoring = better sales on time.

Sun Microweb LLC online CRM are a fast and simple online CRM, and can be hosted along with your website. It provides following features:

  • Interface for your customers to submit inquiries
  • Centralized inquiry and sales leads database.
  • Automated and Customized responses.
  • Tracking of sales leads generated through different mode of advertising.

Sun Microweb LLC - Lead Management System

Spending levels for marketing and sales department at each company varies. Statistics show that companies allot from 10% to 50% of their revenues to marketing and sales budget. The huge amount put forth to generate leads and,subsequently, increase profit margins. However, to run a successful marketing and sales campaign, you require an organized and strategic plan where a company doesn’t only spend, rather can monitor its expenses with respect to sales –ratio conversion. In this proposal, Sun Microweb LLC presents Marketing Plan Analysis & Solutions to make your marketing campaign more effective and efficient.

A Marketing & Sales plan should meet thefollowing objectives:

  • Maximizes your marketing channels and sources
  • Channelize input cost. Your company knows which medium or source is more effective and can generate higher number of leads and greater revenues.
  • Accordingly, you can cut down the marketing cost for either less effective source or passive source.
  • Organizes your marketing plan and endow efficiency in lead generation and sales.
  • Enables sales forecast source wise or channel wise.
  • Enables performance tracking system by automating information on lead and subsequent procedures to close the lead into sales.
  • Encourages in-house sales team and brokers to be more target oriented as their activities are being tracked.
  • Equip marketing department to know their loopholes in the procedure from lead generation to sales.
  • Equip performance measurement against the predefined SOP.
  • Endows overall efficiency and effectiveness to your marketing strategies.